The Gruen Transfer – The Pitch

These series of “advertisements” are designed to “sell the unsellable”. Advertising companies are asked to make a “pitch”and the most persuasive advertisement wins. How do these advertisements use certain strategies and an idea of their target audience to position us in certain ways?


Persuasive speeches

Below are some persuasive speeches delivered by influential people around the world of different genders, nationalities and beliefs. Do you find them persuasive? If so, how and why? How does it make a difference how someone speaks, what they wear, how they stand? Who are their audiences? How do they target their audiences using the principles of Ethos, Pathos and Logos?

Every Man In This Village Is A Liar

Every Man In This Village Is A Liar

Homework Task: Create a character profile of the author Megan Stack based on the following questions:

Megan Stack
1. Age:
2. Gender:
3. Nationality:
4. Occupation:

1. What is Stack’s initial motivation for going to Afghanistan?
2. Why do you think she is so eager to return to Middle East after her initial experiences there?
3. What sort of person do you think she has to be to do her job as a journalist in the Middle East?
4. What do we know of Stack before the events of this book?
5. How does Stack feel towards America before and after her experiences in the Middle East?
6. Is Stack religious? Describe how she relates to her faith in the book.
7. Use five adjectives to describe Stack as you imagine her.
8. What are some of her special abilities/talents? Is she good at her job?
9. Do Stack’s views grow and mature throughout the novel? How and why?
10. What do you feel Stack would go on to do after the events of this novel?
11. Which sort of people does Stack admire in the book?
12. Which sort of people does Stack condemn in the book?
13. Does Stack seem to have many close friends/family? How close do you think they are?
14. Does Stack have any fears or inner conflicts throughout the book? How does she deal with these?
15. What sort of writing style does Stack employ in the book? Why do you think she chooses to write like this? How would her writing as a journalist be different/similar to this?
16. What views/values are most important to Stack?
17. What do you think her purpose was in writing the book, considering she has obviously already written a lot of articles about the Middle East?